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Get the SP CTI Enhancer app and you can:

- make new calls even faster:
simply click on a phone number in SuperOffice and the app makes the call out for you.

- handle your incoming calls with ease:
whether you work in sales, marketing or service, you can instantly see who is calling from your CRM database, let the app look the contact up and see the latest dialogue and status as you are picking up the phone to greet the caller.

- save time and improve your data:
if the caller is not recognised, why not add it to your CRM database by creating a new contact or telephone number in SuperOffice with a few clicks? Not only is it easy, it will help you populate your SuperOffice with the correct contact numbers.

- increase your CRM database activity log:
when all you have to do is click to create a new incoming call or task against a contact, it will help your SuperOffice users log that extra incoming call for future reference.

- service your customers better:
similarly, you can add create new service tickets with a click directly from the SP CTI Enhancer and you are instantly able to start servicing and helping your customer.

Some key features

The SP CTI Enhancer offers several mart functions to make your everyday even more effective, including:

- Recognize and look up
instantly the contact or person card in SuperOffice

- Create and add a new contacts
to a company or simply add a new phone number to an existing contact with a few clicks.

- Create new tasks
in SuperOffice CRM directly from the SP CTI Enhancer with just a click.

- Create new ticket ID
in SuperOffice Service directly from the SP CTI Enhancer with just a click.

- Use a convenient search function
to look up unknown phone numbers via the Internet.

- Get an overview of all missed calls easily
look up if these are known, redial with a click and create new tasks in your CRM database.

- Another smart function
is the inbuilt private speed dial list. It´s your choice to configure and personalize it.

- All the inbuilt functions
concerning phone calls from SuperOffice CRM Online are supported by the SP CTI Enhancer, so you have the choice whether to make your phone call via SuperOffice or directly via the SP CTI Enhancer

- You can even send emails
to a known contact directly via SP CTI Enhancer and automatically store the email in SuperOffice CRM Online

In short

the SP CTI Enhancer connects your phone with your SuperOffice CRM data and optimises your workflow concerning to your customers and prospects.

- Relevant information at any time
- Integrated into your daily work
- Extremly easy to use
- Independent from the leading system

- A maximum off efficiency
- No big "Pop Ups"
- Just relevant informations

More details:

The SP CTI Enhancer ensures the convenient integration of telephone calls into the daily working routine in jobs that use PCs, by grouping its functions into three main areas.

The user has access to all the relevant information at any time and can determine by mouse click whether to view more information or carry out further actions. By doing so, the user on the one hand achieves high integration into the leading system, and on the other hand ensures that the user don´t has to leave the acutall context in the CRM system.

A further advantage of integrating the SP CTI Enhancer into one’s daily work procedure is its integrated search function, which complements the CRM system neatly. Regardless of the context in which the user is using the CRM system, he/she can search the database for contacts or companies, control telephone calls, and transfer results into the CRM system by mouse click, all via the SP CTI Enhancer.

The SP CTI Enhancer is, of course, integrated into the leading CRM system. This makes it extremely easy for the user to operate, since he/she can initiate and manage telephone activities via their respective applications even without using the SP CTI Enhancer user interface.

The "Little Helper"

One of these “small” windows appears when the SP CTI Enhancer receives a call. It is displayed in a freely definable area and for a free definable timerange on the screen.

Should the SP CTI Enhancer recognize the telephone number displayed as a record in the CRM system database, the relevant contact details will appear. If the SP CTI Enhancer detects more than one contact which is going with the incomming number, the "Little helper" will look like on the right screen.

Further actions, such as accepting/declining a call, entry into the CRM system, callback or scheduling a return call for a later time, can be carried out at the click of a mouse.

Notifier of the CTI Enhancer showing an icoming call
The notifier window opens silently whenever a call comes in. All call related features are accessible from this window.

The Main Window:

The user can access this SP CTI Enhancer window at any time with just a single mouse click.
The user can use this window
- to search for contacts conveniently and independent of the leading application
- and to initiate and manage telephone calls.

The information provided in this window gives an overview of all unanswered calls, which can be edited by mouse click. The user can also send emails from this window, as well as transfer entries directly into the CRM system.

Shown in the lefthand example the standard view, historic data about the calls in the list, search Formular and action buttons in the upper area.

The righthand Screen gives you a detaild look about what else is possible with the SP CTI Enhancer. Make a back call, identiefy a unknown number via the backwards search, show up the details of the contact in SuperOffice CRM, add the number to a contact/Person, create new Tasks in SuperOffice CRM, etc..

The main window of the CTI Enhancer
The main window of the CTI Enhancer provides access to all incoming and outgoing calls. Calls can be accepted and made from within this window.
The context menu for the additional call-related functions in SuperOffice
The CTI Enhancer provides tight integration with SuperOffice CRM Online. For example service requests and call

The “Search Result”

This window not only displays the results of the SP CTI Enhancer user’s search, but also saves them. Thus the user has access to his/her search results until he/she defines new search criteria.

For example:
The user searches a company name and is given the details of all of the company’s contacts. The details remain accessible through this window until the user defines a new search, regardless of whether he/she has carried out other actions in the meantime, such as calls, emails or entries into the CRM system.

Results of reverse search returned by the CTI Enhancer
The main window offers a quick and easy way to search for all contacts in SuperOffice.

The Speed dial list:

The inbuilt private speed dial list, it is your choice to configure and personalize it. Ad and edit your personal favourites, and make the CTI Enhancer even more comfortable for you.

Speed dial list of CTI Enhancer
All of the phone numbers you use frequently - for example private numbers - can be stored here. These will only be stored in your private profile.

Integration example

The user can generate a tasks in SuperOffice CRM directly through SP CTI Enhancer. All the necessary data from the database is automatically assessed and put in the correct context.

Here are two examples of generatimg new tasks from out the SP CTI Enhancer.
On the lefthand screen a new ticket is created in SuperOffice service, while
on the righthand screen you can look at a new Task in SuperOffice CRM, a "incomming call".

All this, with just a single mouse click after sombody has called in. This is what we called efficiency while dealing with phone calls and SuperOffice CRM.

More direct entries reachable with a single mouse click are:
- open the contact or Person in SuperOffice CRM,
- look at all contact Details stored in the SP CTI Enhancer, or
- just look for a alternativ numbers for the selected Person.

Call note in SuperOffice created by the CTI Enhancer
A new call note in SuperOffice can be created directly from the call. The call note can be assigned to any user in SuperOffice.

Some general information:

The SP CTI Enhancer provides convenient support for telephone calls using telephone system interfaces based on MS - TAPI technology.

Using the SP CTI Enhancer you can display, accept and make calls. Its convenient functions support the user on all versions of SuperOffice (Win/Web/Online). When doing so, it is worth nothing that we provide direct access to the SuperOffice databases, from which contacts can be automatically selected, displayed and expanded.

All the necessary controls, as well as access to databases, have been developed by SP softwarepartner GmbH so that local integration is also possible for clients who have not installed SuperOffice.

[Note: All functions provided by CTI solutions are dependent on certain technical constraints and standards being fulfilled.  Note also that delivery contents do not include hardware or drivers. For details please refer to the System requirements.
SP softwarepartner GmbH accepts no responsibility for the functionality of TAPI drivers and hardware used which have been exclusively produced by third-party manufacturers.]

System Requirements

- a subscription to SuperOffice CRM Online

- a current license for the SP CTI Enhancer

- a functioning TAPI driver installed on your local resource

- Windows operating system

- Microsoft.Net 4.7.1 framework installed


[Note: The SP CTI Enhancer has to be installed on a local PC, or in a Microsoft Terminal Server Session.
To connect the SP CTI Enhancer with your local telephone system it is necessary to have a functioning TAPI Driver installed. The needed TAPI driver is not a component of the SP CTI Enhancer (if you want to install the SP CTI Enhancer on a Microsoft Terminal Server the TAPI driver must support multiline functionality).

We support you with a little tool, which is able to test your TAPI driver, you can easily download the SP TAPI Tester right here.]