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Manage your phone calls with SuperOffice CRM Online

The Idea

SP CTI Enhancer helps saving your time

The SP CTI Enhancer supports you on incoming, outgoing and missed phone calls.

Cause the SP CTI Enhancer uses its own and independent search functions within the SuperOffice database, you are able to work simultaneous, regardless on what task you're currently working in SuperOffice CRM.

The SP CTI Enhancer offers several smart functions which make your daily work with SuperOffice CRM more effective when dealing with phone calls.
You can easily save data from out of the SP CTI Enhancer directly to your SuperOffice database. You can e.g. create and add a new contact to a company or simply add a new phone number to an existing contact.

With the SP CTI Enhancer you literally jump to a SuperOffice CRM company or a single contact.

Of course it is also possible to create new tasks in SuperOffice CRM directly from the SP CTI Enhancer.

The SP CTI Enhancer comes to you with a very convenient backward search function which easily allows you to search for unknown phone numbers in the world wide web. Another smart function is the inbuilt private speed dial list. It´s your choice to configure and personalize it.

All the inbuilt functions concerning phone calls from SuperOffice CRM Online are supported by the SP CTI Enhancer, so it’s your choice whether you initiate your phone call via SuperOffice or directly via the SP CTI Enhancer.

Sending emails to a known contact directly via SP CTI Enhancer is supported as well. Of course this emails will be archived in SuperOffice CRM Online.

For more details about the SP CTI Enhancer please click here.

Key features:

- recognizing and assigning incoming calls

- execution of phone calls via APP or SuperOffice CRM

- saving and revising of missed calls

- assigning of activities to companies or contacts

- independent searches in the SuperOffice database

- adding contacts or phone numbers to SuperOffice CRM

- backwards search for unknown phone numbers

- private speed dial list

- sending emails and archiving them in SuperOffice CRM

Price Information:

The price is 4.- EUR per month per user.


The minimum subscription period is 12 month and it will be charged in advance for a whole year.

Requirements to be met:

- a subscription to SuperOffice CRM Online

- a current license for the SP CTI Enhancer

- a functioning TAPI driver installed on your local resource

- installed Microsoft dot.net Version 4.7 on your local resource



The SP CTI Enhancer has to be installed on a local PC, or in a Microsoft Terminal Server Session.
To connect the SP CTI Enhancer with your local telephone system it is necessary to have a functioning TAPI Driver installed. The needed TAPI driver is not a component of the SP CTI Enhancer (if you want to install the SP CTI Enhancer on a Microsoft Terminal Server the TAPI driver must support multiline functionality).

We support you with a little tool, which is able to test your TAPI driver, you can easily download it via this link.

How to get started:


1. Register your name and company

2. You will get access to your download

3. Follow the instruction of the install wizard


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